About the event

Over the last decades, we have witnessed the struggle for equality and freedom for many. Precisely in the last few years, The anti-racism, LGBTI+ and women’s rights movements, amongst others, have created many landmark victories producing great advances in civil liberties.

As liberals, we ask ourselves, what is the next step in the struggle for freedom? The answer is to bring people's intrinsic individual diversity into the conversation. That is, to break away from the labels associated with collectives. Unleashing the individual potential, your inner diversity.

Diversity encompasses all the dimensions that make each person unique, such as ethnicity, race, age, sexual identity or orientation, gender, nationality, but also style, sentimental situation, education, work situation, job or type of organization you work for; personality, religious or political beliefs, life experiences or life perspectives among others. In short, the psychological, physical and social differences that exist between all individuals. It is not just one aspect that defines a person's identity, but the sum of all of them

The new normal is to confront the prejudices and stereotypes that frame groups in order to accept the diversity of the individual. Avoid generalizing and labelling an individual based on a small differentiator such as sexual orientation or skin color.

FNF presents the manifesto video and organizes a debate between public and private sector professionals to deepen the dialogue on diversity and inclusion, increase understanding and broaden perspectives. The debate will cover personal approaches to what diversity means to our speakers. They will also share their perspectives for achieving business results in the workplace.

This event will be conducted in Spanish with simultaneous translation to English.

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Valentín Garal
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategy

Diversity is a positive quality that comes from a compendium of banal things that make it something unique, something exceptional.

David Henneberger
Head of Office, FNF Madrid

Diversity is the sum of the characteristics of all of us. This is what really moves a society forward. It is what moves us forward as humans.

Eva Díaz
Shapping New Humans CEO & FNF #FemaleForward Ambassador

Diversity is tolerance, acceptance, respect and freedom.

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