How Asia's Most Liberal Democracy is Holding off Corona and Beijing

About the event

Taiwan is an island just off the Chinese cost. But the country with its 24 million inhabitants has taken a completely different direction than its huge neighbour. Being a highly transparent and stable democracy, fully digitalized and with a high living standard, Taiwan has not only managed the Corona cisis better than anybody else. Only 7 Corona deaths altogether and a still growing economy are second to none. Additionally, it shows the world that there is an alternative to Beijings authoritarian approach. One of the leading politicians of the country is Audrey Tang, minister in charge of digitalization and herself a former software developer. Nowadays she is using her talents to disrupt and develop Taiwan's democracy. How this has helped the country through the crisis, why Taiwan was hardly affected compared to its direct neighbour country and how technology can be used in line with the principles of liberal democracies will be some of the questions Christoph Giesa will discuss with Audrey Tang.

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