Liberal Breakfast – The German EU Council Presidency

About the Event

The unprecedented Covid19 crisis has put an enormous strain on Europe’s capacity of action. The deficiencies in its recent crisis response management have confirmed once again the need for increased cooperation, to transform the European Union into a more resilient, democratic and innovative entity. In the midst of these developments and challenges, Germany is about to assume the presidency in the EU Council. With its reputation as political heavyweight, it will now have to prove that it has what it takes to come out on top of the crisis and inspire new momentum for European policymaking.
At this liberal breakfast, we aim to shed light on liberal expectations in the wake of this European restart. What does our economic future look like with regard to free trade, and how should the EU recovery plan materialise, in order to promote inclusive economic growth? What will be needed for a joint approach to healthcare in the future? And what options do Liberals see in reshaping Europe, to increase institutional resilience as well as public support for rule of law, transparency and democracy? Our next liberal breakfast aims to shed light on these and many other questions, so join us for a discussion with our distinguished speakers!

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