Pandemic. Panic. Politics - Democracy in Times of Crisis II

The Coronavirus crisis has been dominating the everyday life of people all over the world in unprecedented ways. In dealing with the pandemic, governments worldwide take extraordinary measures, such as contact restrictions, total surveillance of citizens, complete exit bans and the closing of borders. These measures have one thing in common: they represent a massive cut in the personal freedoms of citizens.

In this context, governments must make sure that they approach this crisis in a constitutional manner. Is there an appropriate balance between protecting citizens’ health and curtailing individual liberties? What about exit strategies to ensure that the measures taken during the pandemic will eventually be lifted? How can we stave off the danger that undemocratic regimes use the crisis as an opportunity to expand their power and to curtail the freedoms of their citizens longer than necessary, or even permanently?

We will tackle these questions in our web-talk series “Pandemic. Panic. Politics – Democracy in Times of Crisis”. In the second edition on 13 May, 15:00–16:00 (CET), featuring Israel and the Palestinian Territories, we will discuss and evaluate, amongst others, the Palestine-Israel cooperation in combating the pandemic as well as the use of tracking technologies in order to monitor citizens’ movements.

Moderatoren / Gäste

Alexander Graf Lambsdorff MdB a Member of the German Bundestag and Deputy Chairman of the FDP parliamentary group with responsibility for foreign policy, defence and security, European affairs as well as development and human rights. He is a Member of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for Freedom.

Ali Aslan

... is an internationally renowned TV presenter, talk show host and journalist. His international career in TV journalism spans more than two decades and three continents and includes work for CNN, ABC News, Channel News Asia and Deutsche Welle TV.

Dr. Walid Shomaly

... has been Executive Director of the Palestinian Center for Research and Cultural Dialogue (PCRD) in Bethlehem since 2003. He is Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Bethlehem University in the Palestinian Territories.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Yakobson

... is Associate Professor of Ancient History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His main fields of research, in addition to ancient history, are: democracy, national identity, nation-state and the rights of national minorities, religion and state - in Israel and in Western democracies.

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