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About the Event

In 2019, Germany and Jordan celebrated 60 years of development cooperation. This anniversary marks a historical friendly partnership between both countries, that was not only solidified through Germany’s engaged efforts in development but also in trade, security, tourism, ICT, and cultural exchange. As for Jordanians, Germany has always been among the top destination countries for emigrants, with 12,704 Jordanian living in Germany by 2017. What is the secret of this partnership? What are the cultural and economic interests at stakes? And, what will be the fate of this relationship in the midst of the current regional turmoil in the Middle East?
In this episode of MENA on the MAP, we are seeking to tackle the subject of economic exchange between Germany and Jordan, its importance, and its objectives. Furthermore, we are going to explore the political interests of Germany in maintaining stability in Jordan. And finally, we are going to go beyond the political and economic contexts to discuss the effect of cultural exchange on both countries, the perception of Islam in Germany through the Jordanian diaspora, and the role of FNF in opening platforms for dialogue and engagement.

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